Attack on Nature - A Rebuttal

After reading yesterday's triumphant posting by h20 and his winning attack, K2nees wishes to publish his version of events...

H2O, overripe veteran and sneaky weasel, wisely waited for a K2nees nature break to attack. K2nees was reported as saying, in the heat of his drainage operation,”I just lead him out for the downhill sprint points and pulled him through the wind, why, why would he do that, I thought we were teammates”. Apparently they are the team mates of the Armstrong / Contador variety.
Following H20’s initial attack, K2nees slowly finished his business and tried to catch back on the slight rise, however the next downhill greatly benefited H20’s gravity assisted riding style. After coming to within 10 bike lengths K2nees was again put on the defensive by another highly suspect maneuver. Darting in front of some vehicular traffic K2nees was forced to wait and watch helplessly while H20's gap grew again. After resuming the chase it wasn’t long before K2nees was in h20's ample slip stream (for the first time that ride). After catching back on negotiating a hill, K2nees was ready to put in another attack but seeing the pain the eyes of his team mate after his short escape he dutifully pulled H20 back to the Team Vitesse support vehicle while offering words of support to his gassed team mate.
In honour of his yellow bellied action Team Vitesse will be awarding H2O a new piece of clothing to go with his downhill sprint jersey, the “brown bib shorts of disgust”, for most annoying rider. Unlike the other jerseys awarded on the podium, readers wishing to watch this clothing presentation are asked to meet the janitor behind the porta-potties.

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