Pro Peloton Tactics

H20, seasoned veteran and superb tactician, has developed some mid season form. On yesterday's training ride with the young up and comer, K2nees, h20 showed his strategic know how with a stunning example, catching the young whippersnapper unawares.
The peloton has long agreed that attacking during a nature break is unsportsmanlike and rude. Never one to shy away from controversy, h20 did just that while K2 stopped to adjust his fluid levels. h20 immediately got a gap and went into time trial mode on one of his patented downhill sprints. K2 barely had time to adjust his package when he was forced into serious pursuit. h20's impeccable timing allowed him to extend his monstrous attack. He was able to turn west before some vehicular traffic which delayed the now desperate K2nees.
h20, not wanting to break his young teammate's spirit, eased up to allow K2 back on his wheel.
A couple of valuable lessons were learned. Never stop for a nature break and never trust a teammate.

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