Subtleties in Leadout Acronyms

TV (Team Vitesse) spends an inordinate amount of effort honing their skills for leadouts. Johan insists that the riders maximize the BIDE (basic identity data element) before any HED (Heavy Effort Drop). This is particularly crucial when DSP (downhill sprint points) are available. Once the PADS (Position Azimuth Determining System) has been engaged, the information is passed along via the SECOMP (Secure en route Communication Package). The riders then organize a line out with the last rider having been designated as the PLOW (Probable Logistical Outstanding Winner) and eventual recipient of the DSP. Johan is never satisfied until a SAFE (Selected Area For Evasion) BIDE (basic identity data element) has been NITEE (Neutralized Into The Everloving Earth).

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