Vitesse Riders - a Summer of Phun

Team Vitesse riders involved in the Tour de France used the rest day to engage in relaxing activities. Lampo Bianco spent the day in a pastry boot camp learning calculus and derivative equations to produce croissants for the peloton. Meanwhile K2nees travelled to the Netherlands to attend his brother's wedding. Details are sketchy but he is planning a training ride across the hilly area of Holland. h20 used his day off to catch up on the financial affairs of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.

HL88 has quietly unveiled its Flagship calculator. A recall of the original number cruncher on the SMEVEC 88T necessitated the development of this lightning fast machine.Team members will return to the peloton in time for the Stage 20 up Mount Ventoux with croissants for the team and a few training miles in their legs.