Peloton Injury Update

The world's favorite cycling celebrity, Lampo Bianco of the Canadian pro team Vitesse, also known as the best sportsman in sport ever, the world's best at everything cyclist, the granddaddy dude guy of the peloton, the fastest shifter of gears, the most intense drinker of water bottles, and most modest of sprinters, has an INJURY. A twanging right hamstring will keep him out of the action in coming days.
He has been whining and moaning over race radio to such an extend as to drive his team to a roadside meeting during today's stage. Needless to say, Johan is ballistic, more ballistic than usual. UCI officials and race organizers have ruled to allow LB to sit out two stages of the TdF and rejoin without penalty to his GC standing in the hopes that the "only reason for the race to exist(LB) will be able to continue without discomfort.