Reflections on the tour

Now that the tour is in the record books, Team Vitesse can sit back and sink into cycling reverie. Overall the team did not figure in any of the stages. The oft maligned team Winnebago did manage to clog roads in rural France to the point where President Szakozy fainted.
LB recovered from his illness and finished first on top of Mt. Ventoux the day after the actual TdF stage. Team management still consider this a great success. LB mentioned that he had no trouble with the rental car on the way up.
We still await a report from K2nees whose rest day in Holland seems to have stretched into a 2 week vacation. Reportedly he has been studying reasons for Rabobank's stunning success at the tour. Their one stage win and highest placed rider in 78th is an inspiration to all professional teams.
Still recovering from knee trauma (probably for the rest of his cycling career), h20 launched on a training ride in the 28 degrees of Alberta. Upon conclusion of the 388 km training run, the heart rate monitor (part of the SMEVEC 88T) showed an average of 147. h20's usual average for a ride in 138. This stunning and amazing increase in speed, power output and heart rate can easily be accounted for by fact that h20 usually rides with team members who obviously slow him down.
Team Vitesse did not hear much from Johan during the last 3 weeks. No doubt his subtle negotiation tactics and sensitive counselling skills were employed in inflaming the Alberto-Lance soap opera.