Lung busting

On a recent training ride, members of Team Vitesse gave new meaning to the term "lung busting". Usually associated with riding up difficult steep pitches in the mountains, lung busting can result in black outs, phlegm spewing, delirium, tears or any combination thereof. In Team Vitesse's case, lung busting has become associated with a strong westerly blowing the acrid stench of rotting garbage through a low valley along a preferred cycling route. The natural temptation is to speed up to minimize the plycra melting odour. This strategy only serves to cause a rider to suck in more of the stinking miasma into his delicate lung tissue. It appears the best way navigate out of the "Valley of Smell Death" is to hold one's breath for 1000 meters. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory is developing an oxygen rebreather to accent the SMEVEC 88T.


Anonymous said...

I am struck by the incredible speed with which Happy Lucky Manufactory is identifying today’s cyclists’ needs and developing the necessary new technologies to address them.
No other company to my knowledge has the consensus and corporate wherewithal to move forward so courageously and expeditiously.
Hats off to the team at 88!

An admirer.

Anonymous said...

Just before passing out from holding my breath in this local cycling landmark I wonder to myself....

....what is it about this haunting odour that draws the local riff-raff into spending time at this site for picnics and bonfires of appliances to be spend time with friends, a lame dog, and a brown pickup.....

....but then again maybe its the lack of oxygen or the mind altering smell

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the gaseous feed zone that stretch of road provides. Perfectly timed just as I begin to feel hungry...then along comes chewable air. MMmmm.

On another note, I've also taken up smoking.