Joyous Squeezing - New Compression Technology

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory’s compression tights or “Joyous Squeezing” are specially made from contentious materials which mold to the user's physique. They promote blood circulation and maintain oxygen flow to all musculature. Joyous Squeezing also helps to wick away unwanted moisture buildup by channeling excessive liquids away from the skin through tiny drainage pipettes. All this helps an individual to achieve the optimum body odour enabling them to maintain strength and endurance while cycling. Improve athletic performance by maintaining repeated jump performance with JOYOUS SQUEEZING!

  • Reduce muscle movement and vibration and focus the direction of the muscle;
  • Reducing the risk of injuries such as road rash;
    Maintaining body temperature and excess liquid transfer;
  • Reducing the build up of Non-joyous aural assault juices; and
  • Assists in post workout acidification drainage

Joyous Squeezing allows all athletes to increase both the duration and intensity of training and competition. Happy Lucky Manufactory’s Joyous Squeezing is also guaranteed to remove unsightly bodily hair down to the very follicles. Now you too can enjoy Joyous Squeezing just like the professionals.

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