Team enters Gaul

Team Vitesse has finally entered Roman ruled Gaul. Pictured above is a section of Roman cobbles the riders are negotiating with aplomb. Their tired legs have carried them northward away from the Italian city states of Siena and Florence. Fueled by 88 bars, the EPO drink and its masking agent DOPE, and whatever they find along the road, the Team strives for the start line in Compiegne on April 12. They ride for pride and with dedication; pride in Team Vitesse and dedication to Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. They continue to believe strongly in the quality and innovation of Happy Lucky 88 and are confident in the advantage its products will provide at race time. If there is a shred of doubt in the minds of our brave comrades it is whether Johan has paid the entry fees to race. Their first problem is arriving safe and healthy at the start line. Unfortunately Johan was not available for comment having had a late night at Casino Royale.

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