Raising the Bar for Energy

Happy Lucky 88 is following the success of its stimulating energy drinks, EPO and DOPE, with a specially formulated bar of energy. Called the "Powerful Bar of Power Potency" or "88 bar", the improvement in cycling performance will be evident from the first scrumptious chew. Using similar industrial enhancement formulas proven successful in EPO, the 88 bar promises to boost cadence 0.034% and give any cycling short's chamois something to think about. Weighing less than 1.5 kilograms, the 88 bar fits comfortably in three back pockets of any jersey. The freshness wrap is eminently biodegradable with an estimated half life of 4,000 years. Approved by the Federation of Food Additives, the 88 bar means the user's recovery capabilities are incrementally improved. Scurrilous reports that heavy metals have been detected in 88 bars are completely true. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory feels that these heavy metals will give cyclists an edge. The 88 bar's mouth-watering flavourful flavours include Turgid Brown River and Dull Grey Cloud of Uncertainty.

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