Sponsorship deals imminent

Team Vitesse has been wending its way through the Austro-Hungarian empire towards the start line in Paris on April 12. Kitted out in their distinctive Plycra jerseys, they act as ambassadors for cycling as a whole and for the plethora of products produced by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. Team members have been approached by various toothless peasant entrepreneurs with sponsorship ideas. Details are still being worked out with:

  • AAA Aardvark Goat-on-a-Stick
  • Humus Depot and Badger Meat Emporium
  • Emir's Rent-a-Wrecked Donkey Cart

Johan remarked, "it is about time that this training ride started paying for itself."


h20 said...
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Anonymous said...

well, its good to aim high, these are sponsors well known in Europe, and a stencil of a toothless crone on one's plycra jersey should do wonders for both the crone and the the team (us) wanting to be recognized as top rank peleton leaders.

From our London correspondent, NT