EPO & DOPE - User's testimonials

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's performance enhancement products have only been available for a week but already the unsolicited testimonials are coming in...

Tom Simpson (1937-1967) remarked, "this stuff is to die for!"
K2nees says "Exhalted Perfomance Output with a Deluge of Potent Energy chaser gives me special magic invisibility powers".
Johan has nothing but praise for the new chemical concoctions of Happy Lucky 88 exclaiming, "the Exhalted Performance Output works wonders. Just ask Tiffany..I think that was her name".
Lampo Bianco expounded, "I love what Deluge of Potent Energy does for my skin. It has become so soft and hairless".
With these exceptional endorsements, members of Team Vitesse stand to reap the monetary AND performance rewards of EPO and its companion drink DOPE.

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