United Colours of PLYCRA

Johan was reached at his Lake Como villa. "I just heard about the PLYCRA but I don't know what the hell is it. What happens when the Team steps onto the podium...why do you interrupt my reverie for this already yet?"

Johan's concerns have been addressed by the engineer at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. PLYCRA has been designed to accept stain much the same as other wood products. In preparation for the Tour, Happy Lucky 88 has prepared the following wood stains to correlate with the expected podium success of Team Vitesse:

  • Yellow Jersey (overall Tour leader) - Ultimate River of Yellow Warmth stain
  • Green Jersey (points leader) - Serenity Verdure of Green Tea stain
  • Polka dot Jersey (king of the mountains) - Red of the masses on field of windswept immaculate snow stain
  • White Jersey (best young rider) - Ulan Bator immaculate snow stain

When Team members win these symbolic Tour jerseys, the stain is simply sprayed directly on their PLYCRA kit and is expected to dry within 48 hours. Any performance enhancing effects of the fumes fall well below the rigorous tolerance criteria of the Cockle test. Once again Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has proven itself proficient in adapting plywood technology for any eventuality. Is there anything they can't do with plywood??

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