Global Downturn unglues Plywood

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's line of products for professional cyclists owes its appeal to the world renowned construction material, plywood. Much of the Manufactory's supply is produced in-house but the recent economic downturn has affected the supply of raw plywood. Fewer plywood farms have been cultivated and new plywood orchards are not being planted.
Happily, Happy Lucky 88's team of engineers foresaw the looming negative plywood gap and have been developing alternative construction materials. One technology that is showing promise is condensed recycled newsprint tentatively called plyprint board. Besides increasing the absorbency of the Super Absorbent Rain Cape, plyprint's higher density per square meter means that the Rain Cape's total weight can be increased proportionately.
Cardboard is also being considered for the low stress structural challenges of the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking. Engineers are currently attempting to reduce the turbulence created by a plywood-cardboard interface.
Rest assured that the patented Plywood Interface, an integral part of the Cockle Test, will not be compromised by a scarcity of plywood, that wondrous miracle building block of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.

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