Teammate's Log - Day 63

Many thanks to all the friends, family and supporters of Team Vitesse for their contributions in meeting the $88.08 ransom demanded by pirates. The 6 harrowing days in the clutches of these misunderstood men was a pleasant break from the relentless track sprinting around the deck of the ship dodging the crew's bullets. The Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking has proven to be our only means of surviving the gunfire. The engineers at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will be pleased to know that the 3/4 inch plywood repels most small arms fire.
We have not heard from Johan in the last weeks but continue to believe in his "master plan" to prepare us for the spring classics.

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Anonymous said...

Have you informed Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory of the potentially lucrative military application of their Contented Obstruction Blocking? Effective obstruction of gunfire would seem to be an enormous market opportunity for their impressive entreprenurial strategies.
Also, from an economic viewpoint, have you considered selling the rights to your "hostage ordeal at the hands of pirates" story to Hollywood or a major publisher?
Your container ordeal contains so many possibilities.