Vitesse Ships Out for European Campaign

Having completed their training camp in the frigid hick country surrounding Smoky Lake, Team Vitesse members are looking forward to getting some sun and surf at the team's interim headquaters in southern Albania. The team's mobile headquarters, a rental Winnebago, will be transported to the European continent by container ship. It will be loaded, along with the team's bicycles, in Vancouver for the 4 to 6 month around the world voyage. Stops must include the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory wharf and warehouse. Most of the latest generation of high tech equipment will be loaded there. Then the boat plys the waters off Somalia bound for the Suez Canal. Some of the team will accompany the boat on its journey. "It will be a great honour for me and my family to travel by boat to Europe via China and India" said one team member. We wish them luck and God speed on this exciting journey. We also look forward to excellent results in the 2009 campaign.

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