Excess Baggage

Even though today's windchill temperature of minus 35C represents a warming trend, 2 new bags were tested in what is now known as BOFFOC (Bags On Feet For Outdoor Cycling). If you have been following this highly scientific study you know the drill. Today pitted a Home Despot bag against a Dollar Rama bag. The two bags are similar in that vital indicator, crinkle factor. Perhaps the HD bag is slightly thinner with a marginally higher crinkle factor. All in all it was a contest between equals which resulted in a tie.
Since pure science could not settle this, I turn to aesthetics and other factors as the final arbitrators in this dour battle for bag supremacy.
The HD bag's beige colour complemented my brown jeans and highlighted my ensemble. However, one must purchase these HD bags. Free plastic bags are still available so this factor may be the straw that stirs the camel's drink. Dollar Rama bags are free and purchases to fill these bags are inexpensive. If that isn't a good enough reason then the fact that word "Rama" (Hindu god of virtue and self control) is printed on every bag clinching Dollar Rama's win today.

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