A Tale of 2 Bags - Dog Owners Rejoice

Winter riding presents multiple challenges including cold, wind, ice, driving snow, drivel, freezing rain, and cold. My large feet are the most vulnerable to cold, as they faithfully pound the pedals, moving up and down but not really generating heat. Sizing of the fancy pants winter cycling boots as reviewed on redbike do not approach the requirements of my mammoth hooves.
One old wife tells a tale of putting sock clad appendages into plastic bags before shoving them into boots. Yesterday's commute started at minus 24 degrees C with an uncharitable windchill of minus 33. I reasoned that if ever there was a morning to prove the plastic bag theory, it would be that day. My right foot was encased in an Italian Centre bag and my left foot was placed in a Safeway bag. Dog owners around the world know that Safeway plastic bags are vastly inferior. They often have holes, tear easily, and are prone to epic catastrophic failure. Italian Centre bags, on the other hand, are made of a more robust plastic making them stronger, more durable and highly prized by canine cleanup crews.
I set off in my multiple foot layering system, bombing over vast stretches of ice left by the rain/snow/deep freeze mix of the past weekend. Curiously I began to sense that my right foot (Italian bag) was colder than my left foot (Safeway bag). Indeed upon arrival at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory headquarters, I became convinced that Italian bags were inferior in heat retention-deflection to the Safeway version. I can only conclude that I have stumbled upon a solution to employ those otherwise useless Safeway plastic bags. Go forth with bags on your feet and enjoy the warm sweet sweat between your warmish toes while you pick up dog stuff with your Ital bags.


Anonymous said...

excellent review h2o, but did you weigh the bags? I'd hate to pay a weight penalty just for the sake of warmth. once a weight weenie always a weight weenie!

Anonymous said...

As a dog owner (Charlie) it seems like a waste to use those fine 'Italian' poop scoopin' bags to keep ones feet warm. I rather have cold feet, than a hand full of poo, no?