Baggage Carousel

Today is March 2 and happily the deep freeze continues. I say happily because another cold day presents another exhilarating round of BOFFOC (Bags On Feet For Outdoor Cycling). The competitors were kindly supplied by a local BOFFOC consultant. She provided a Winners bag (W) and one from Liquor Depot (LQ). The windchill of minus 32 C was an ample challenge for the contestants. The bags are of a similar plastic consistency and crinkle factor. Both are thin with the LQ bag having more writing on the bag. This may or may not have made a difference in the results today.
A pleasant ride with the wind for the most part, brought me and my titanium steed to HL88's corporate HQ. The winner by a slim margin is the aptly named Winners bag. It will be moving on to the next round.
I was questioned by the BOFFOC consultant about the prudence of using a contestant bag twice in these competitions. To set the record straight, if the head to head battles are to be on the same footing, fresh bags will be used on each foot for each round. Good question! I am glad to see that someone is paying attention.

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