Meteorologists Vex Vitesse

The first day of February in the frozen north was a very cool day. Weather oracles are always consulted in order to establish an overall "feel" for what the day will bring. Experience tells us that no one weather forecaster is ever 50% correct.
Minus 25 Centigrade was the general consensus and happens to be the threshold of pain for h2o. The steady 25 kmph south wind didn't sound like a big problem. Having dressed in layer after layer of multi-coloured flammable material topped with an old pair of wool dress pants, h2o entered the frigid fray. The words of Augustus, Emperor of Rome 63 to 19 AD, appeared in a cold induced vision as h2o forced his steed forward. "FESTINA LENTE" or "Make Haste Slowly" floated in the frozen mist lit by h2o's quickly dying battery powered lighting system. Easy words to follow since haste was impossible to make with frozen grease and toes. Praise and make offerings to the God Moderator who has blessed us with temps closer to zero.

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