Personal Baggage

Today i rose to find the temperature and wind chill at minus 30 degrees C. This was perfect weather for the second phase of foot in bag testing. I put my left foot in last week's winner, a Safeway (SW) bag and right foot into the challenger bag, Save on Foods (SoF). SoF bags are a similar weight as the SW bags but with fewer holes. On the surface this test would be a contest between equals.
The stiff wind proved cutting and most uncharitable. The bags crinkled in my boots. Arriving truimphantly at HL88 HQ I sensed a temperature difference between my feet. I am pleased to announce that today's winner of the foot bag challenge, by the slimmest of margins, is the new comer bag, SoF. Scientists at Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory are studying the results with an eye to incorporating plastic technology into their plywood products. Stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile other plastic bag challenges are planned weather permitting.

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heck ya...i'm viewer 10000
congrats h20