Swedish Banana Peeled

As announced on these pages yesterday, images of the Swedish Banana are now available for your perusal.
It is obvious that the Other Cosmodrome Security Forces are on maximum CODE RED HIGH Alert with the arrival of this 7th wonder of the cycling world.
This almost complete view of the Swedish Banana also reveals the new plywood storage facility currently under construction at this point in time.
A close-up of the much vaunted couplers, coupled with the high voltage steel mesh of the plywood storage facility. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory insists on this level of security for its raw material inventory. Naturally, any bicycles stored in the immediate proximity of the inventory fall under the same secure anti-theft sector control. HL88 takes its responsibility for serene cycling sustainability seriously.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE IT! What an inspired build. I can't get over how well that came together! Not to mention the implications for travel....

The plywood storage barn appears to be state of the art AND artsy fartsy (at least from intense examination of glimpses). Same goes for the spanky lamp in the jigsaw building station.

Lampo Familia is settling into the Western Cosmodrome nicely with generous assistance from a multitude of munificent midget minions. Our helpers are generally full sized but I liked the alliteration. We have many projects to do here given the usual manner in with soviet government facilities are typically maintained but we are contented.

We have been informed that Lampo Bambino's Sacred Heart Surgery is likely to commence within the month of September. So, we should be visiting the Other Cosmodrome shortly. You will hear an exact date over the race radio system.

Again, sexy Swedish banana you have there.