Happy Lucky Not So Lucky

Despite the resiliency of the plywood market and cycling products made therewith, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has been forced to cut its level of sponsorship to Team Vitesse. This will be most noticeable as the team car follows the team at the major Pro-Tour events in 2011. Officials at the Manufactory hung their heads in shame at the announcement. "There will be no reduction of roadside support at the grand tours." Johan spewed further, " Our protected riders will be able to receive my advice in real time on real roads. Of course I will be travelling in reduced comfort in the camper with unspecified guests while one of the domestiques powers this wagon along."

Reached for comment, Lampo Bianco quipped, "What is good for Johan is good for the team." Dr. K2 was more assertive, "I never want to be a domestique again!". Team Vitesse's continued blind faith in Johan's managerial skills should pay dividends in 2011.

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