Courier Game Support

Many questions have arisen about HL88's new game, Courier Death Race.

Q: What game console will work?
A: In its usual singular vision, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will support the game with a series of game consoles. "PlyStation 8", "PlyBOX" and "PlyBOX368" will all be available when the game is released.

Q: Can the courier try some of the product they are delivering?
A: Yes, but the courier risks being docked points after compromising the integrity of the kilo.

Q: What kind of hats can the player choose for his courier?
A: HL88 is working with famous hat designers such as Bert&Fiona, Valentino and Johnny the Uke to design a full range of exciting choices.

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Anonymous said...

I heard a few rumblings in the courier community that Courier Death Race was wrongly portraying Couriers as violent anarchists with little regard for fellow citizens and traffic laws....you might want to look into that......I haven't purchased my PlyStation 8 yet. I'm still enjoying my Earl Weaver baseball on my 386.