Refurbished Sled on the Road

Team Vitesse has issued an update on the May 20th vehicular entanglement involving h2o and the "banana" bicycle. The banana's distinctive yellow fenders and tasty components have been transferred to a blue traveler's check (fotos to follow). This rendition of an old theme hints at a Swedish influence coupled with breakdown ability. The "Swedish banana" has the capability to be transported to the West Coast Cosmodrome at the drop of a wrench.

In other news, great strides were recently made in the Other Cosmodrome's outdoor plywood inventory storage facility. The Chinese Cruncher, acting on vague orders from Johan, will attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony once the roof has been installed and immediately begin the arduous task of plywood computation or plycomp. Work continues on facility designed to hold more than a few sheets of plywood. It is hoped that there will be room for a couple of bikes as well.

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah baby......new bike. I am, however, discouraged by the lack of plywood or titanium accessories. Please provide photos with you typical flair for the artistic.

just what the doctor ordered!!