Dr. K2's rebuttal

Dr. K2 has recently embarked on a new training regime that Johan has devilishly devised as a counter punch to the clever WITHIN POWER heavy drop. This revised version plays to the good doctor's strengths. Termed the WITHOUT POWER heavy drop this cyclopedic manoeuvre requires poor sensations (which the good doctor has in spades and presumably should get a salve for), poor timing and a lack of training. While bench pressing theses and children may constitute training to some (the good doctor's wife for instance) the lack of "saddle time" is discouraging. However the WITHOUT POWER heavy drop turns these weaknesses into strengths and should have opponents of Team Vitesse running for their plywood-less lives. To recreate the feel of proper "saddle time" training, Johan has instructed Dr. K2 to secure his saddle to his pants and cover his ears with sea shells. This will recreate the wind effect of being on a bike and provide direct communication with Johan.

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