Transfer Season transforms Vitesse

Now that Team Vitesse has a new sponsor, new signings and transfers are taking place at an astonishing pace. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory along with Aphrodite's Arboretum have been opening their cheque books to sign new talent. Rumours abound that K2nees has been talking to some high rollers over at Renault Gitane in hopes of having a team built around his all round skills. The only sticking point at this point in time is that a cycling team has not been sponsored by Renault for 25 years. We wish K2nees all the best with that one. Lampo Bianco still has another 25 years left on his contract with Team Vitesse. "Why mess with a great sponsor? Plywood is a way of life for me now. The sensations are good with plywood" he quipped recently. A new talent with a great future, Qube, recently rode on a training ride. "As soon as his membership cheque clears, we will sign his contract" offered Johan. h20 has flirted with other teams offering big money for his incredible record in the downhill sprint. "How could I ever adapt to non-plywood based equipment used by other teams?" is usually the deciding argument against any move.

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