Sacrilege or Divine Inspiration

PE5GW really threw a spanner in the h20's works yesterday. It was laundry day at the Cosmodrome and PE5GW had outdone herself in her self imposed role as washerwoman. One must understand that none of h20's clothing can be dried in a conventional dryer. Due to his incredible size and girth, dryers can spell the shrinking end of any cotton shirt or pant thrown therein. PE5GW, being only too aware of this problem, found ample hanging opportunities in the Cosmodrome bike room. She managed to hang all of h20's shirts on the bike stand and from the handlebars of the weaponry. The prophetic words of security advisor Lampo Bianco still ring in the ears of h20. "This growlery needs a retinal, palm scanner and cavity search before anyone enters". An exception has been made in PE5GW's case as she was only doing her Cosmodromic job.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT. O my god I'm still laughing. thanks for making the day bright.