Surly Monkey Mojo

The long anticipated unveiling of the new MOJO, Pucky the Mouse Beaver, for Lampo Bianco's karate monkey is HERE! Named after the charismatic character in William Voltz's famously obscure book, SPOOR OF ANTIS, Pucky is a vital part of Perry Rhodan's team of deep space rebels.
The individualistic missing magic charm was the subject of a massive mojo manhunt. It was finally discovered after apparently having gone through the laundry. At its original 4 foot height, the MOJO might have been a liability when strapped to the frame of a bicycle. PE5GW must have been aware of this when she included it in the wash. Now its actual size will not affect the high performance of LB on his Monkey.Pucky the Mouse Beaver was known for his bravery and ability to be invisible and be in 2 places at the same time. We wish Lampo Bianco and Pucky the Mouse Beaver future success and safe riding.

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