Singular Single Speeding

Seizing the opportunity proffered by clear skies and hot temperatures, the founding fathers of Team Vitesse saddled up their Karate Monkeys and ripped up some single track. The first order of business was to firmly ensconce Pucky the Mojo Mouse Beaver on Lampo's steed.

Pucky now rides above the head badge, master of all he surveys.Inspired by Johan, The Steaming Madman, LB and h20 wanted to make up for omitting the Single Speed World Championships from their racing calendar. They also knew that this would be their last tune up before travelling to Switzerland for the UCI world road championships. With Lampo as point man, the duo smoked over the dry rooted trail at warp speed. Joyous was the mood and as heart rates became elevated, the rapture set in.

Pausing for some liquid refreshments, h20 liberated a pair of brewskis from their bubble wrap protection. To that point, the Surly chain tensioner had never been properly tested. Success was just a bottle cap away. Fully refreshed the duo suddenly found themselves in darkness after the sun dropped out of the sky.
Singular signs greeted them as they roared through the woods. LB was particularly confused by this sign of the future. h20 required a breather after a particularly steep 25% pitch.

The riders now feel fully prepared for the world road championships and look forward to being able to purchase their plane tickets very soon. Apparently Johan was in charge of transport procurement but once again squandered the funds on wine, women and song. Donations are now being accepted for the "Let's Get Team Vitesse to Switzerland" fund.

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