The Solution to Weak Ankles

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory can never be accused of ignoring its sponsored riders' concerns. K2nees suffered an unfortunate accident some years ago involving an armadillo and some midgets. The details are too sordid to describe here. The result is that K2 carries titanium screws, plates and assorted cutlery in his ankle. In his build-up to this cycle cross season, he expressed trepidation in the strength of his joint when encountering the running sections of a cross course. HL88 was only too happy to develop the Well Flourishing Ankle Bolstering or Well-FAB to meet his specific needs.
Made from the same plywood as the Super Absorbent Rain Cape and weighing an incredibly light 1.2 kilograms, the Well-FAB is meant to fit snugly inside an over sized cycling shoe for maximum protection and shock absorbency. Armed (ankled in this case) with the Well-FAB, K2nees is sure to kick some butt while raising the profile of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. HL88 advises wearing the Well-FAB on each ankle for improved balance.

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Anonymous said...

As the benefactor of the benevolence of the HL88 manufactory I am pleased to announce the sublime utility of this latest product. In addition to being super absorbent the plywood offers a level of discomfort not offered by molded plastics. The incentive to race and finish first is very strong, as noted by Marco Pantani (the patron saint of Team Vitesse) when asked why he climbed so fast..."to make the pain stop sooner"...

Most certainly words to live by from the EPO clouded sage of cycling.

As an added advantage wearing this orthopedic on a single leg is that, in addition to the loop nature of a 'cross course, it adds natural tendency to ride in a circles. This will, of course, be a boon for track riders as well.

Yours in product admiration