It's in the BAG

Today's warming trend to minus 21 C could spell the suspension of BOFFOC testing. However, the elimination round was closed out today with 2 upstart challengers. A Sobey's bag (S) was pitted against a white bag (Whitey) with no identification. Whitey is the kind of bag that one would choose if one had to carry a pair of shoes to a party. Innocuous, plain but sturdy, Whitey ruled the day amidst controversy surround the effort of S. It seems that the Sobey's bag contained a paper till receipt which is likely to have provided a modicum of insulation. This unfair advantage has disqualified S from advancing to the next round. Science abhors a cheater.
No doubt everyone hopes for continued dismal cold weather so that the BOFFOC competition can reach a highly anticipated conclusion. We may get our wish because meteorologists predict cold mornings for some time to come.

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