Cold Arm - New Unknown Danger

Faithful readers of this blog should be familiar with Cold Arm and its attendant dangers. Just today, a new menace associated with Cold Arm was identified. Cold Arm science is struggling to keep pace with this development. Of course, I speak of "Elephant Elbow".
Elephant Elbow is an alarming dryness on that bendy area where your arm bends. Untended, Elephant Elbow can reach epic proportions requiring gallons of lubricant. Elephant Elbow can be treated and, if monitored regularly, need not pose the same threat as Cold Arm. There is no direct link between Cold Arm and Elephant Elbow but it is only a matter of time before that link is defined. Medical studies have shown that the elbow is actually part of the arm so naturally Elephant Elbow could exacerbate Cold Arm symptoms.

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