Legal procedings planned

It has come to the attention of cycling cosmonaut and HL88's legal team that an unnamed party has infringed on the use of arrows in its diagrams. Cycling cosmonaut prides itself on easy to read, understandable and comprehensible diagrams illustrating complex, turgid, and innovative design concepts to the masses. When a reader forwarded this alarming abuse of arrows from a competitor's rain gear advertising campaign, the legal stable got busy.

What makes this especially galling are the arrows at the model's wrists and knees as well as the exit arrows at the shoulders. When compared to Happy Lucky 88's Super Absorbent Rain Cape (below) there is little doubt that this upstart competitor has directly copied our arrow use.

It is likely that this blatant pointer copying will be mired in legal limbo for many years to come. Rest assured that Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has vowed to defend its singular right to use arrows.

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