Cold Arm Foundation Initiative Bracelet

The much anticipated Cold Arm Foundation Initiative Bracelet (CAFIB) is now available. Similar to the CAFBI but slightly improved with "one-size-fits-all duck tape technology" the CAFIB (pronounced CAFIB) will make an impression on everyone you meet. Carefully styled from 3/4 inch plywood each CAFIB tellingly indicates where your sympathies lie and that you support h20 and the Cold Arm Foundation. The brass hinge and hook-eye closure makes it theft resistant and difficult to remove. The realization of this beautiful fashion accessory from artist's rendering to actual 3 dimensional object is a wonder in and of itself.Be it at work or at play the CAFIB confirms that your GIVE STRONG donation to the Cold Arm Foundation has paid off. The 100% actual lumber gives you the feel and smell of gloating and satisfaction on your wrist. That satisfaction comes from knowing that you have been instrumental in a minuscule way to alleviating all those who suffer from cold arm. The gloating arises from the fact that you will own a singular statement of refined design.
By now you should know you can always count on exquisite craftsmanship and attention to fine detail that Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory brings to bear on all its products.
The CAFIB is now available from Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory. Quantities are limited so act quickly now to ensure that you can be the first one in your peer group to own a coveted CAFIB. Satisfy your craving!

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