Instructional Videos from Happy Lucky 88 - WWJD #1

Team Vitesse and Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory have partnered to produce a series of instructional videos. The first is the series: WWJD #1 (What Would Johan Do), is an engaging interactive learning tool. I know that I am not the only one who has enjoyed watching Team Vitesse flirt with racing success thanks to Johan's superb guidance. Now exclusive access to Johan in real life situations details how he makes his race and life defining decisions.

In one particularly poignant example, Johan is actually riding a bicycle on a route that passes a beer garden. He must make a decision. You the viewer are invited to answer the question WWJD? Complementary interactive accessories include a decision tree flow chart. You can record and measure your decisions and compare them to the omniscient Johan.

These instructional videos are not available at reputable stores. Order your beta videotape now and receive a free Sony betamax machine to play this most excellent product.

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