Thanks to you, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has become a powerhouse in the world cycling accessories. Demand remains strong for the Super Absorbent Rain Cape and the CAFIB. If you follow these pages at all you will know that HL88 has a jolly avuncular relationship with the pro cycling Team Vitesse. The riders on that team enjoy "prosumer" status. Not only does the team perform much of the field testing of new Manufactory products, team members pay a modest 8% premium for the same product that is available to consumers.
HL88 wants to acknowledge that incredible support with a special commemorative key fob. The Manufactory has created this fetching key fob made of plywoodium offcuts.
Each fob has been carefully sanded by trained professionals. This product will enhance any key management system you can imagine. Every prosumer receives a free Plywoodium key fob with any purchase between now and August 8th. Quantities are unlimited. If you are currently a consumer and wish to become a prosumer simply add 8% to every purchase. HL88 will do the rest.

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