Pebble Penetration - The New Menace

Riding during the winter months provides challenges which seem unthinkable to the layman or woman. Layering, tyre choices, Cold Arm, spectacle fogging, and frightful weather conditions are just some of the obstacles bested each day by h2o.
One problem that has received little or no attention to this point in time is an emerging phenomena tentatively called Pebble Penetration. Initial studies have shown that lugged rear tyres transfer small gravel from the actual road surface and deposits the irritants in the shoes of the cyclist. Upon lighting from his steed the cyclist suffers immeasurable aggravation in his lower extremities.
True to its intrepid mission statement, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has stepped up with a solution likely to be duplicated by other cycling team sponsors.

The Pebble Penetration Protection System has been unleashed on an unsuspecting particle population (double click image for viewing enhancement). Using a clever concoction of duck tape and plywood, a blocking system which funnels the offensive particles away from the ankle is now being used by Team Vitesse. Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory has got your back and foot.

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