Training Regime to include Swimming

After studying, reflecting and a long cogitation session, Johan has come up with a new training plan for Team Vitesse. To be introduced at the Smoky Lake training facility, the cycling team will learn to build better personal and group dynamics with a renewed spirit of cooperation. For the first time at the professional cycling level, synchronized swimming will be one of the activities. According to sources close to the great man, Johan the Omniscient has always been enamoured with synchronized swimming and its stunningly magnificent visual elements. At the time of this report Johan was maintaining radio silence during a Texas hold 'em tournament at one of 8 possible locations in downtown Minsk.
"Team Vitesse must develop stronger lungs and nose plugs will do that!" expounded Johan. "Besides the shaved legs are so beautiful are they not?"
Reaction from the team was overwhelmingly positive. Reached between a wash and set, Lampo Bianco said that the bathing suits would undoubtedly be very slimming. h20 wondered if a entire body waxing would be necessary.

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