Support Cut in Half

In order to negotiate the tight mountain roads in the Tour de France, Team Vitesse has downsized its support vehicle. Race organizers insisted on the change of vehicular equipment after repeated breakdowns of the HL88 Winnebago. Shown below, the smaller more efficient and reliable rolling command centre will serve Johan and the team very well.
The new Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory support vehicle will double as the Team Vitesse bus. It is being outfitted with the latest in 8 track and betamax video equipment technology. Johan commented, "We were very fortunate to secure this excellent conveyance at the price we did."

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Anonymous said...

Do you think this is a good idea? Won't it cost a lot of money to tow that rig up every mountain just so it can coast down the other side? Oh, and check for wood rot. I want flames painted downt he side.