Johan's lessons pay dividends

All the training miles with Johan screaming obscenities into my ear have finally paid off. On today's morning commute to Team Vitesse HQ in the Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory office tower, I passed a fully kitted out road racer. As I assessed the opportunity to spin by this rival from a local team, I asked myself, "What would Johan do?". The answer of course was to pound the pedals, dig deep, give 188%, to make sure that the other rider knew that the gauntlet had been thrown down. As Johan urged me on I blew past politely ringing my bell. The sweet taste of victory lingers even now but is tainted with an odd salty freesia aftertaste.
Of course this fleeting statement of dominance was assisted greatly by the fact that the competition had a mechanical incident and was stopped by the road repairing his bike. No matter, sprint bonus points were up for grabs and a win is a win.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo H2O....pure Team Vitesse style. Let it be known that we wait for no man (or cart pulled by a donkey).