SMEVEC - the new GOLD standard in Performance Measurement

Introducing the SMEVEC 8 - it's what every cyclist worthy of the name needs this holiday. The SMEVEC 8, Happy Lucky 88's introductory model in biofeedback information systems technology, is the only bicycle computer on the market with a seamless rider-machine interface. The Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation or SMEVEC for short, puts wireless speed/cadence, heart rate, and optimal power data on one easy-to-read display platform.
Exploiting the proven engineering and design excellence of Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, the SMEVEC 8 allows the serious amateur to focus on improving power, speed and overall performance -- just like the pros. You can use any wheel, hub, crank or chain--JUST MOUNT AND GO! There is no software to learn so you can immediately concentrate on objective based training workouts.

SMEVEC is where the REVOLUTION starts...what are YOU using to control and compute accurate biofeedback information on a timely basis?

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Anonymous said...

Dear H20

Its more then I could have hoped for.....what beauty.....what functionality.....how practical, now i only need 1 SMEVEC to calculate speed and distance on any of my bikes.

I am glad to see that the fruits of Team Vitesse and Happy Lucky 88's labour has come to fruition once again.

Team Garmin eat your heart out!!


PS. As discussed please put me down for one of these fine products, assuming the Happy Lucky 88 minimum order is in effect we only have 43 more units to sell.