COMING SOON: the SMEVEC revolution

Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory, in conjunction with its pro sponsorship team, Team Vitesse, has been working diligently on the next generation of bicycling biofeedback information systems. The "Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation" or SMEVEC will be available to all levels of consumers in the very near future. The SMEVEC revolution starts with the entry level system called the SMEVEC 8. This incredibly exciting and innovative biofeedback monitoring system is capable of highly convoluted calculations of cadence, speed, and tracking of other important personal information. We are certain that the SMEVEC 8 will quickly become a must-have for all discerning amateur cyclists wishing to improve their performance through technology.

The "pro" model, called the SMEVEC 88T, currently being tested by Team Vitesse, uses the same proven plywood platform as the SMEVEC 8. The optional mini ferring, rechargable power source, improved capacity for obscure calculations and other important cosmetic improvements will make this device a dependable mainstay for all members of the professional peleton. Employing the use of patent pending technology, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory will have a water resistant version called the SMEVEC 888T available in the spring of 2012 just in time for the London Olympic Games.

Both units have the ability to be fully integrated with the Prosperous Contented Obstruction Blocking ferring developed by Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory during the summer of 2008 and documented on this blog. As you have come to expect from any Happy Lucky 88 design, the Sublime Motion Elated Velocity Enlightenment Computation has received nothing but positive reviews from Team Vitesse members.

Please stay tuned for updates on the release of these and other momentous Happy Lucky 88 manufactory products.