ANNOUNCEMENT: Team Vitesse meeting

A Team Vitesse meeting has been scheduled for this Saturday at 0530 hours at the usual location. Johan will join us via video link-up from a brothel in Switzerland or the south coast of France. Topics on the agenda include:
  1. Presentation of Johan's European expense budget.
  2. Approval of Johan's European expense budget.
  3. How often should we have our cockles tested?
  4. Should the results of the "A sample" cockle tests be released to the press before the "B" sample is tested?
  5. What kind of a deal should we strike with Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory as exclusive distributors of the SMEVEC line of products in North America?
  6. Frank and open discussion of future Happy Lucky 88 products.
  7. Alternate plan in case the Super Absorbent Rain Cape delivery is delayed at Customs.
  8. Progress report on the SMEVEC prototype development.
  9. Adjournment.

Please note that Johan is only available for a brief time necessitating the early call to order of this important meeting. Johan has insisted that his expense budget be placed first on the agenda. Whatever Johan wants Johan gets...