Top 10 List of Reasons to Buy a New Bicycle

It is difficult to imagine that anyone would need a reason to buy a new bicycle. However, for readers out there who find themselves having to justify the purchase of a new velocipede, Johan has created the "Top 10 Reasons to Buy a New Bicycle":

10. None of my current stable match my pants.
9. My child doesn't need 4 years of post secondary education. 3 should be enough.
8. I am replacing one my dog ate.
7. This one has a scratch on it.
6. I don't have a bike made of this semi-precious metal.
5. I have this really nice seat post that is crying out for a bike.
4. My competition goes faster on their _________ and I need one too.
3. The bike I am riding has a flat so I am sick of it.
2. There is room to store one more bike here in the bathtub.
1. To be truly taken seriously as a curator, I really need to expand my collection.

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