Vitesse crosses Passo di Mortirolo

A seemingly innocent training ride turned into an epic journey of robust proportions. h2o and Dr. Knees rode over the famed Passo di Mortirolo at the insistence of Johan. The fotos below prove that Team Vitesse still has the foolish bravado and daring do so admired by its prime sponsor, Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory.
After ascending the first 3,000 meters in little over an hour, Team Vitesse bravely continued without the vehicular assistance other more panty waist teams rely on.

The riders found the pass "pan flat" and cannot understand what the "big deal" is about this much feared pass, used regularly in the Giro d'Italia.

If there was one blemish in an otherwise glorious mountain outing, it was that Giovanni's Koffee Shak at the top of the pass was closed. "With vehicle support we could have ridden to Germany" lamented K2nees.

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