Heavy Drop - Exclusive inside fotos

For members of the professional peleton, mere mention of the Heavy Drop is enough to induce uncomfortable silence. For those who have been subjected to its magnificent ferocity and witnessed the shear tyre ripping acceleration, only dumbstruck awe can summarize their reaction. The Heavy Drop has been oft discussed on these pages. Little is known about what a Heavy Drop really feels like from the inside. Some imagine the "drop" to be similar to the hyper drive of the Millennium Falcon.
Cycling cosmonaut caught up with h2o of Team Vitesse, the inventor and foremost practitioner of the Heavy Drop. "It may appear to victims that initial burst of speed is like entering a black hole." h2o continued, "the black hole is actually where the rest of the peleton is left." Due to the random nature of these attacks, accurate velocity measurements have not been successfully recorded. It is estimated by HL88 scientists that stresses on h2o's bicycle are similar to space shuttle reentry stresses measured in multiple large units.

h2o graciously offered to fit a specially designed "camera" to record images of the first 0.5 meter of a Heavy Drop. During the first nano-second we can sense the surge beginning and what must be a nest of writhing snakes at the margin of the road.
At T plus 1/100th of one second of the Heavy Drop, distorted trees flash by, camouflaging what is probably a pack of wolves in the shadows. h2o qualified this exclusive footage stating, "I had to slow my Heavy Drop launch because of the 5 kilos of camera gear strapped to my helmet. I hope this small sample gives the reader a taste of the electrifying experience inside the Heavy Drop."
Our thanks to h2o for these exclusive images. Is it any wonder that the Heavy Drop is such a feared weapon in the Team Vitesse arsenal?

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