Vitesse Ornithologist to Change Feathers

Rumour and innuendo have reared their ugly heads around the Other Cosmodrome. A possible purchase of a sixth grinder could potentially take place. This sixth grinder, similar to a sixth sense, will reach speeds of relatively low r.p.m. in the wonderful world of grinders. "Polishing granite will become a grinding reality for me" trilled PE5GW. History will repeat itself when a Team Vitesse member's handle will be modified to suit your screen. Only after visual proof is presented to cycling cosmonaut will PE5GW (Pointy Elbow 5 Grinder Wife) become PE6GW (Pointy Elbow 6 Grinder Wife). Johan was nonplussed murmuring, "Vitesse has grinders? Shouldn't they be in the team car for some reason?"

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