Expansion Plans at Other Cosmodrome

That old saying, "When one cosmodrome relocates or suspends operations for some reason, another one springs up to replace the compromised facility in true cosmodramatic fashion", has never been more partially true. This nugget has long been attributed to Socrates, apparently uttered during one of his hemlock benders. Now Team Vitesse is attempting to apply this sage wisdom to the Other Cosmodrome. If you have been following these pages you might remember that Lampo Bianco is moving his Western Cosmodrome to the west coast. Acting on the instructions of Johan, Lampo Bianco believes that Lampo Bambino will develop into a polka dot jersey contender if he is allowed to breathe deeply of the moisture laden sea air and enjoy liquid winters.
h2o and the lovely and talented PE5GW deemed it imperative to increase the storage capacity of the Other Cosmodrome during the relocation of the Western Cosmodrome's operations. PE5GW has designed an innovative annex to the Other Cosmodrome called the "Cosmodrannex". Reminiscent of a large animal cage but with a fine designer touches such as flow through ventilation, recycled steel, concrete flooring and a roof, the Cosmodrannex will house the overflow cycling weaponry from the Other Cosmodrome's growlery as well as some choice garden tools. h2o is fulfilling orders from Johan to house one of Lampo's land rockets. When Lampo visits the Other Cosmodrome for altitude training, he can withdraw his steed from the Cosmodrannex after leaving a small deposit with Johan.
Johan is enthusiastic about the Cosmodrannex and quipped, "Minimum bet at the black jack table will be 20 Swiss francs!".

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