Within Power Catchy

Other teams in the professional peleton are adopting the patented Happy Lucky 88 Manufactory's WITHIN POWER, made popular by h2o on these blogular pages. It seems that a member of BBox is using a psychologist to hone his visualization. Too bad that rider had to settle for second best. WITHIN POWER is a more expensive and therefore an extremely more better method of winning and winning huge. Johan's take on the matter is accurate as usual, "When I heard about other teams and their so called sports psychologists I immediately thought - SUCKAHS! WITHIN POWER from HL88 comes in tablet as well as liquid form. It cuts out the middle man." Indeed all of Team Vitesse has prospered from the WITHIN POWER tablet. Known as the "P tab" in the team Winnebago, Team Vitesse drops or pulls a tab whenever their power levels drop.
Currently the team's theme song is BTO's "Takin' Care of Business" bellowing on a continuous loop via a quadraphonic setup prior to each race. When coupled with a "P tab" the riders become extremely motivated. "I just want to get out there and race!", yelled Lampo over the din. Dr. K2 shrieked, "This song is really growing on me. Repetition can have that effect".

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